Success. What is it? Where does it come from? How do we achieve it as indie authors?

Everywhere we turn, social media is being thrown at us. Facebook. Twitter. Goodreads. BookBuzzer. Google+. Triberr… The list continues to grow, each promising to help grow your presence, your readership, your sales.

Sales. The magic word each indie author wants to hear. Did you know that the average indie author sells one book a week? I don’t know about you, but selling one book a week is not what I signed up for. And let’s be honest – we all signed up for the sales. Yes, there is that passion, that drive, that inner necessity to write. But at the end of the day, if it weren’t for the sales – then why put your book up for sale at all? Why not just pdf the novel you just wrote and email it to friends and family? Right?

So if we are in it for the sales, how do we get them? You can tweet till the all the chocolate has disappeared from the cupboards, but really – how many sales can you get from the multitudes of other writers trying to plug their books? Social media has become saturated with sales blurbs. Aren’t you tired of it? Facebook is a fabulous venue for getting your book info out there, sharing your reviews and any other author news you have – I just recently made an author page for me because I felt guilty filling up my personal timeline with my book information.

Back to sales. How do you, as an author, get sales? How can you make this passion become a reality in a sea of others trying the same thing? Well, it can happen. It will happen. We hear about it almost every day. And I’m not talking about the traditionally published authors discovering a love for indie publishing. I’m talking about you and me. The regular folks who have put our hopes and dreams into the one venue we pray will be ‘the one‘.

Bob Mayer made a good point in this post – The Secret Handshake of Success. “Three years from now, the only people making a living writing are going to be the ones who keep producing quality content not the ones who tweet, blog, Facebook, Pinterest, hit a gopher with a stick.”

He’s right. The secret behind YOUR success as a writer isn’t how much you blog/tweet/facebook or even pin. It’s your writing. In ten months I published 11 stories. Now that is passion! I’ve learned a lot in these past ten months. I’ve made my share of mistakes – adding the wrong file to amazon and not looking at the review copy hard enough or buying my own copy and looking at it before releasing it for free and having 000’s of downloads (yep, did that. Still hear about it).

But I’ve also learned that the secret to being successful as a writer is simple. It’s writing. Finish one story and start another. Keep honing your craft. Keep applying what you learn. Listen to your readers. Listen to your betas. Surround yourself with others of a like mind. Find other authors who have the same passion as yourself and dig deep. Learn from them, apply it and then teach it to others.

I want others to be as successful as I am. In the short ten months that I started this journey, I now bring home as much as my day job. How awesome is that! Soon I’ll bring home more than that and will be able to cut down on my day job as a virtual assistant. Soon my writing will become my full time career and my VA job and my covers with The Author’s Red Room will be a part time job or even ‘play’ money.

The secret behind my success is my writing. What’s yours?