I have a new book up on Amazon right now. And it’s free 🙂

Cabin Fever – Anything can happen when the fever hits!

Here’s a quick little excerpt:

Dylan read the email for the umpteenth time.

This woman had serious control issues. Who did she think he was? Superman?

Not with this list of precise details.

He didn’t need a run down of Elizabeth’s great qualities to know that this one night stand was what this woman craved but was too scared to accept. It was evident she lived and played in a man’s world with little time to indulge in her feminine side. Sex was a task she completed herself. No doubt she had a drawer full of rabbits and batteries.

A smile crossed Dylan’s face. No doubt Sandra, his best friend, was the one to introduce her to the toys as well.

What this woman needed was a night where someone else was in control.

Dylan threw the list of instructions down on his kitchen table and shoved his chair back. She wanted to be wooed. She wanted to feel sexy. To feel wanted.

He could that. She didn’t want to know who he was until the very last minute. Fine. He memorized the phrase he was to utter after he bought her a drink.

But he’d be damned if he followed her steps of what she wanted done to her in bed. Hell no.

He’d almost nixed the whole one night stand idea after he read what she wanted on step number thirty-five. Talk about killing the mood. He wasn’t using notecards to tell him when to insert his penis into her private parts.

The fact she even used the term private parts cracked him up.