I recently came across this fabulous post by Author, Jody Hedlund: Book Covers: Are They Important in the Digital Age?. It’s something I’ve wanted to blog about for a bit, but kept holding off.

Every day I realize just how important covers are. Especially to ebooks. Let me tell you why.

July 2011 I self pubbed a story called Stampede Fever. Remember that one? My very first cover that I ever made (I shake my head at it now). I think I made ‘maybe’ $10 from July – November on that story.

Sad. It’s a good story.

On the suggestion of a good friend, Lisa Renee Jones, I decided to change the cover and title. It is now Hot for Cowboy and well … the cover is HOT. Hot For Cowboy

December 21, 2011 it went live. I’m going to give you the numbers of what it has sold per week since then. I’m amazed.

The week before I changed the cover – Stampede Fever sold 1 copy.

Hot for Cowboy Release Week – 44
2nd Week – 112
3rd Week – 76
4th Week – 73
5th Week – 51
6th Week – 52
Currently (3 days into the week) – 144

I have not used KDP for Hot for Cowboy. Not yet. I’m happy with these numbers. I’m currently #79 for Romance/Western on Amazon. I’ve held that steady now for a couple days. I’m also in the low 4,000’s (correction I’m in the 3,000’s now) for paid fiction. I’m getting there. I’m happy.

The cover does make the difference. The cover is the first thing your reader will see before they read your words.

How are your sales? Could they be better? Have you tried everything to increase your sales yet nothing works? If your an indie author – have you thought about changing your cover? Too expensive you say? Not so … take a look at www.theauthorsredroom.com – they have premade covers for only $35.