I have recently joined the ranks of the likes of Lisa Renee Jones in creating a fabulous resource for authors – The Author’s Red Room. Lisa originally opened The Author’s Red Room in 2007 to help promote authors and has recently switched the focus to Indie Authors.

Which is fabulous!

The Author’s Red Room offers affordable pricing for editing, formatting and cover design. There is even Jason Baca – Cover Model for some of the major publishing houses – he is selling his images there. More cover models are coming. There are some stock images – check out Luxe Photography – gorgeous!

Plus … you should check them out the premade covers sale – premades for only $35 … cause … well … I made them.

AND .. if you are and editor, formatter, designer, promotional person – why not get a ‘room’ and have The Author’s Red Room help promote your services?

Below are some covers that I’ve created. What do you think?