Hi. My name is Steena. And I am learning how to say no.

But its hard. Oh so hard.

Especially when all I want to do is say YES.

But one thing I am learning (and it’s been a tough lesson to learn) is that when I’m always saying YES to everyone else -I’m essentially saying NO to me.

And that’s not good.

Because it means I’m not placing myself first.

You know when you get in a grump and nothing you do seems to make it better? Yeah – that’s because you’re not placing yourself first.

Stop it all ready.

You are not wonder woman (although I still have my wonder woman Halloween costume from when I was 6). You can’t make everyone happy. And honestly, you don’t need to.

So take a lesson out of the Chocolate Reality Handbook and decide to put yourself first. Just once. For maybe 5 minutes until the baby starts to cry or your boss hands you another urgent project or your husband complains he hasn’t spent any time with you lately.

Can you do it?