Imagine you have the gift of clarity. Or the superpower to see into the future (will I be skinny, will I own a chocolate store? Will my children ever sleep without a nightlight?).

What does your future hold? What do you see? Where do you see yourself 5 or even 10 years down the road. Wait – why wait for 5 or 10 years. How about a year from now where do you see yourself? In 6 months? How about next week?

Do you remember that New Years Resolution where you wrote down your bold dreams? Did you share them with anyone? Has anyone held you accountable on them? Are you anywhere near where you thought you would be?

Sure, life gets in the way and the road we take can be full of ruts. But that dream inside of you never dies. It may lay dormant for awhile and it may even change – expand, become more focused, but the dream is always there.

This is going to sound … arrogant I think. But if there is one thing that I want to be said about me behind my back or over my grave, it’s that I was an encourager. Nothing excites me more than to see the passion flare up in someone’s eyes when they talk about their dreams. Nothing. Maybe because I’ve been there. Because I’ve had dreams snuffed and had to rebuild them, had to learn to refocus and figure out what it truly is that I want. And maybe it’s because I’ve seen those dreams come true for me.

Do you remember that dream you whispered to yourself late at night when everyone was sleeping? It can come true! Do you desire to be a writer and have your story published – darlin, you can do it. Have you ever wanted to open up a bake shop? Then start baking!
Wanted to work with children? What’s stopping you?

If anything, I want to live a life full of passion – and I bet – on a box of Purdy’s Hedgehog Chocolates – that you do too. So let’s live it. Let’s look into the future and discover where our hearts really see us and then let’s go for it!

Are you with me? Let’s help each other live lives full of passion!