I’m sitting here, in the quiet, sipping a cup of coffee and reflecting. On life. On love. On Family. On Career. On Me.

Most of all, on me.

I love me. I really do. I know that sound vain or self centred, but if I don’t love me, then no one else will either. Well – except for Jesus. And maybe my mother. Maybe 😉

If I look deep down inside, of course there are things about me that I don’t like. But that’s the beauty about loving myself. I can see those areas that are ugly, bitter and downright disgusting and see them for what they are. What they can be.

Opportunity. Opportunity to grow. To become better. To become more beautiful. A better wife. A better mother. A better woman.

A better me.

There’s something about my faith that uplifts me. There’s a promise that I can grasp onto and never let go. There is hope. There is a future. There is a reason. For me. For my life. And that makes me happy.

Sure, I’m sitting here with a sinus cold, nursing a cup of coffee I can’t even taste, but I’m happy. Happy with where my life is leading me. It’s a rough and bumpy road. There have been many dead-ends and side trips and even ruts that I’ve gotten stuck in along the way, but … there have been gorgeous rainbows after the storm, beautiful sunsets and breath taking sunrises.

I love me. Do you? Can you say the same? Do you love yourself?

Remember, in the end, all things succumb to chocolate!

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