There’s something about attending a writer’s conference that re-sparks that creative craving to write.

Or it should.

My local RWA chapter – CARWA held their annual fall conference this past weekend. We had Deidre Knight from The Knight Agency and an editor from HQN who used to work with Mira. I was amazed at how personable they both were. They were sweethearts. Absolute dolls.

I’ve never pitched before and it was nerve wracking. I wasn’t ready – and that was my bad. But I still did it. And I survived. (Phew). I was told my novel was high concept (who knew).

Two requests later and a plate of chocolate cheesecake to celebrate … the realization of these fulls is hitting me.

If I thought I was nervous before – I’m more so now. I love heart wrenching, tears flowing woman’s fiction. I love to write it and I love to read it. More than any other genre, this is my favorite. If I cry, then it was good. But … what if I can’t write it? You know those self doubts you experience? Pitching a novel is completely different than sending it. I can be the queen of gab but if my story doesn’t measure up, it was all for nothing. A waste of time …

How did you deal with pitching and receiving a request? Inquiring minds needs to know!

Remember, in the end, all things succumb to chocolate!

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