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I was at a fabulous conference this weekend here in Calgary. When Words Collide. The cross genre panels offered so much insight into various aspects of not only romance but sci-fi, fantasy, mystery and more.

I moderated a panel about Open Doors for writers. The guests on this panel were people from every aspect of the publishing journey – Michelle Beattie with 3 novels that she sold to a publishing house directly without an agent, Vivi Anna who has sold over 12 novels and has been on the NY Best Sellers List, Lawna Mackie who has ventured into the world of epublishing and has a novel coming out called Enchantment and Derek Donais, a successful indie author.

This panel did one thing for me. It added fuel to the already burning flame of passion. Passion to be published. Passion to take control of my writing journey and do everythingI can to be successful.

There isn’t ONE right way of publication. You DON’T need an agent. You DON’T need a publisher. You DON’T even need to be published if that’s not what you are seeking. What you do need is a passion. No matter what. Passion for your hobby or your career. Without this passion – you’ll sink. 100%. It doesn’t matter if you have an agent, if you have a successful epub career or even if you’ve decided to go the self publishing route and become the next Amanda Hawking. Doesn’t matter. Without that passion – what you plan to do and what you achieve will be two different things.

Do you have that passion? Is it deep inside of you? Do you have a goal, a determination to be successful at whatever it is you decide to do? Have you decided on the journey that you’ll take? Remember – not everyone can travel that same road and not everyone really needs to. I’d love to hear from you. How can I help you keep that passionate flame burning?

Remember, in the end, all things succumb to chocolate!

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