If there is one thing writers need to be prepared for its rejections. They hurt. They suck. But they are a part of this journey we’re pursuing towards publication. I don’t think it matters where you are on your journey. From newbie writer to agented author, we are all going to experience rejection at one point or another.

We hear so often that you need to keep your chin up, put that rejection aside and move on. Keep writing. Keep querying. Keep ‘doing’.

I’d like to suggest that advice is wrong. So wrong that you need to toss it on the floor, stomp on it a few times then throw it in the trash.

Remember how excited you were when you finished your novel? Received your first request? Why is one emotional high different from another? Trust me, when you receive that rejection – whether the first or the hundredth – the emotional high is going to be there.

Have a pity party for yourself. Let it last an hour, an afternoon or even a day. As long as you realize that once you start this little pity party, there has to be an end date. Bring out those large soup bowels and buy your favourite ice cream. Find a friend to share with you or ask for pity on twitter. You’ll get it – cause we’ve all been there. It’s even okay to have self-doubts. If you didn’t, I’d be a bit worried. Wonder if your writing sucks. Question your passion, your desire, your drive.

Go for it. I double-dog dare you!

Want to know why? When that pity party is over, when the bowl has been licked clean, I guarantee you’ll realize something. That you are a writer at heart. That your passion is so important that you won’t allow one pizzly little rejection take you down. Sure, having your favourite agent tell you they didn’t like your voice is gonna cut to so shreds. But your skin is tough so you’ll heal.

The strongest steel is forged in fire. For a writer, rejection is our fire. You will never become a better writer if you ignore the rejections and keep doing what you’ve been doing.

Don’t ignore the rejections when they come in. Don’t hit delete or throw the paper in the recycling. But don’t dwell on it either. Sure, have your pity party. You’re allowed. You’ve put in thousands of hours perfecting your craft. Realize that with every rejection comes greater strength. Take that rejection and let it fuel your fire.

Do it. I double-dog dare you!

(coming from the girl who not only ate a soup bowl full of ice cream but ate the rest of the container last night only to get a contract offer for a story in the morning!)

Remember, in the end, all things succumb to chocolate!

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