>One of the best posts I read last week was from Rachel Gardner.

Will Self Pubbing Hurt My Chances at traditional pubbing? If you haven’t read it before you should.

Since 2005 I have been told to distance myself from my first novel because it was self pubbed through Word Alive by winning a contest. For years, after the inital exhuberance of actually being published wore off, I felt ashamed of this story. Sure, it’s not perfect and has flaws, but for someone writing for the 1st time – it’s not bad.

I’m in the stages of updating it, working on a new cover and will be self pubbing it again. Some of the story will be changing – enough that it won’t be the same story that many read when it first came out. I’m excited about it. No, it’s not erotica either. LOL

In the past year, the stigma of self pubbing has changed. More options are now available for us, writer, to reach our goals. Do I want that agent? Sure I do. Do I want to write books for a living? You betcha. Do I need an agent to do this? Not anymore.

I’m so glad Rachelle wrote this piece. I met her over a year ago and was able to talk with her for a bit. I’m amazed by her. Really am.

If you have ever thought about self publishing your work but was worried that it would hurt your future chances of landing an agent. Read this post. It’s a shame to have novels hidden in our drawers, on our computers that we’ve laboured over but are ignoring. They don’t need to be ignored anymore. Sure, they might need some or even alot of polishing – but its not in waste.