Writing is NOT a solo work. For anyone who labours under this misconception, let me steer you in a new, clearer direction.
I repeat. Writing is NOT a solo work.
Yes I know, it might be only little ole you sitting away at your desk writing your story. That’s true. Only YOU can write the story. But … are you alone on this journey? Nope. (unless you really are and then please email me so that I keep you company).

Even if you are new to this journey, you’re here, aren’t you? You’re checking out blogs. You’re on Twitter, hopefully (and if you haven’t followed me yet, why not?? @steenaholmes). There are unlimited resources at your fingertips. You are NOT alone. All you need to do is yell for help and you’ll be heard. By millions. Cause there are a million of us on this same journey with you. #MyWaNa is a good resource if you don’t want to feel alone.

I experienced the village this weekend and it was like a slap in the face that I am not alone. I have an amazing group of writers to back me up, whenever and however I need it. From helping me with ideas, confronting me on my story structure, encouraging me to push the boundaries – this is what your village should be doing. You need the support. You need the encouragement. You need the odd kick in the pants. If you don’t have it yet, FIND it. Let me help you find it.
Here’s a perfect example. There was a girl who came as a ‘visitor’ to my writing group. She’s only testing the waters with her bare toes. Nothing else. She hasn’t written a single word yet. But she wants to. She just doesn’t know how. She ‘thought’ she was headed in one direction, only to discover that there are more possible options out there than she knew. If she hadn’t come to the ‘village’ she would never have realized the potential.

Do you have a ‘village’? Do you utilize them? Do you give as much as you get? Have you thanked them today?

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has bought and read The Blindfold and The Master under my pen name Anya Winter. I hope you liked them.