>Hotel No Tell: A NovelAre you in the mood for a sassy and feisty read? Hotel No Tell: A Novel might just be the perfect summer read for you.

Daphne Uviller’s novel was a bit of a surprise. It’s been a bit since I read a good detective story and I tend to be a bit picky with my choices. But Hotel No Tell sucks you in from the very beginning. Zephyr (love the name) Zuckerman works her way into you heart with her sassiness and spunk (and seriously, how could she not?). The story is cheeky and leaves a smile on your face as you read it. Perfect for the beach bag 🙂

Here’s a bit about the book 😉 The link is above. You should check it out.

The smart and sassy detective Zephyr Zuckerman is now armed and undercover in a Greenwich Village hotel where mysteries—from garbage-grabbing guests to the reservation system—lurk around every corner. 

Now working as a junior detective with the New York City Special Investigations Commission, Zephyr’s gone incognito as a concierge to find out who laundered a hundred grand off the hotel books—and why. But the discovery of a prone, flush-faced guest gasping for air in room 502 only hints at the sinister goings-on inside this funky establishment. While the rapid response of the fire department leads to a sweaty date with a smooth-talking, rock-climbing rescue worker, Zephyr finds herself even more hot and bothered by an attempted murder on her watch. Could the smart-mouthed Japanese yenta across the hall know more than she’s telling? How are cryptic phone calls from a mysterious corporation linked to the victim in 502? 

Under pressure and overwhelmed, Zephyr soon finds that a concierge cover is no protection in a place where crime, like the city itself, never sleeps.