What are you scared of?
What is holding you back from taking that step to becoming the type of writer you need to be?
Each step that propels us forward in our writing can also push us back – if we don’t face the one thing that scares us the most.
What is it that’s holding you back?
Having to write the query? Pressing SEND? Facing rejection? Discovering you might not be as good as you thought you were? Getting bad reviews? Not selling enough books?
I’ll be honest – my fear right now is what happens AFTER my novella sells. Will I get bad reviews? Will people even buy it to write the reviews? What if it sucks. What if I’ve been wasting all my time perfecting my writing only to #epicfail.
Before it was the waiting. Waiting for the query rejections. Waiting for the partial rejection. I’m still waiting for the full rejection. Rejection hurts. No matter what form. I think it’s something we all will have to face.
But are you holding back because of the fear or are you embracing the challenge?
So tell me – what is it that’s holding you back? What is it your afraid of right now? Is there a ‘next step’ for you that you’re hesitating to take?

When we step into our fear – that’s when we’ll see our biggest success!