I’d like to introduce (officially) Anya Winter  – my alter ego.  
It was a bit of a flux to discover that a quick novella I wrote around Christmas was okay. Better than okay, it was good. And then to discover that it was not only better than good but chocolate worthy for publishing.
I honestly didn’t expect it. I’d had so many rejections for a book out on query, that I fully expected the email from an epublisher to be the same. The only reason I actually sent it was because I was afraid to. Conquer my fears and all that.
I had a few hurdles – self created hurdles – to jump over before I accepted the contract. One – that it was an epublisher and not through an agent. For someone so focused on trying to get an agent, this is a hard thing to wrap your mind around. Then it was the genre. Seriously – a steamy romance – me? Next was the name. Do I go under my own name and possibly destroy relationships built over the years my husband and I were pastors, or do I create a pen name and keep it separate from who I am.
I couldn’t do either. So I decided to do both.
I don’t ‘only’ want to write steamy romances. Nor do I want to push away people I love and cherish because of my creative imagination. I figure having a pen name for romance and not keeping it secret does two things – one it still gives me the freedom to write in a new genre and not worry about the erotic aspect to my name, plus it gives those who can’t handle the fact their previous pastor’s wife is writing contrary to their beliefs a blindfold (persay) so they can ignore me if they want to.

Thus Anya Winter. With a new cover and a release date 🙂

June 13th – less than 2 weeks away. What do you think???