>I haven’t been this happy to see a friday in a long time! There’s so much to celebrate. Let’s start with the basics.

I bought a new laptop (Mac Book Pro) cause my Vista finally crumbled.
I got my new book cover (to be revealed soon)
I got my new laptop (now I can get back to writing).

I feel like I’ve missed out. On Twitter. On blogs. On writing.

But … there are a few chocolate trail worthy blogposts I wanna mention. Wanna go with me to check them out? I’ll even supply the Dove chocolate!

Roni Loren has her new cover! It’s HOT. HOT. HOT. HOT!

I seem to have a problem with writing an unlikeable character. At least one per story. Sometimes this is intentional – but when that character is the MC, it’s not such a good thing. Jody Hedlund blogs about avoiding that traps we all seem to find ourselves caught in when it comes to this.

Nathan Bransford blogged this week about indie publishing. It’s a guest post on getting to the Skinny of indie pubs and if it’s something you’ve thought about – you should read this. I know I did and will again. Some good points are made.

As for the chocolate … I’m craving a chocolate trifle with whip cream … anyone have any good recipes?