Before anyone jumps down my back about what you think I might say about self-publishing, take a deep breath, finish that piece of chocolate your eating and read. Then comment. Cause I’d love to know your thoughts.

Within the past year, or even in the last six months, the taboo of self-published authors has lifted – to a degree. More and more authors are considering pubbing their own writing and those who finally have the rights to their novels back are seriously considering taking this option (after all, the 70% you’d get from your back titles has to be more enticing then the tiny percentage they get otherwise).

For some authors it has become a first choice. But here’s the word of caution. It might not be the right choice for you.

If you think it’s easier than finding an agent or a publisher – you’re wrong! Self-publishing is a tremendous amount of work. You’re not just writing a query now to entice an agent, you’ve taken on the role as a business person – to entice readers. It’s all on you.

If you think it will fast track you to success – consider taking a mountain climbing course. It’s very rare that you can climb a mountain in a straight uphill line. Being impatient because you want to see your ‘baby’ in a book format will only hurt you in the end. Take your time. Do your research. Not one self publishing phenom became that way with their first novel.

If you are tired of getting rejections from agents who don’t understand the gem they hold in their hands – please please please do not think that by being self published that ‘gem’ will attract others. There are lots of hugely successful books that have been rejected many times by agents. We’ve all heard the stories. All it takes is one. ONE agent to see the potential in you and your story. It could be the absolute last agent on your list to query – how will you know if you give up too soon? 

And please, for the love of all things chocolate – if all you get is rejections do not … I repeat DO NOT self publish instead. Think about rewriting it. Find an editor who can help you. Stop sending it to friends and family (unless they are editors) and get it in front of someone who knows what to look for. That novel MUST be in perfect condition before you can self-pub it. Readers can be brutal (and if you disagree with me, then you’re not a reader). Vicious. Dream killers to those who can’t handle rejection.

So please, before you take the step and self-pub your own work, take a step back. Then another. And another. Do your research. Take your time. I’m not saying that self-pubbing isn’t the way to go, I’m just saying that it might not be the way to go for you. Not right now.