Take a step back from your writing for a moment. We tend to focus on the craft with so much zeal and energy, that we often forget to look at the bigger picture.
Do you remember that moment when you wanted to be a writer? What about when you DECIDED to be a writer?
Yes – they are two separate moments. Wanting is when the seed of hope, the dream of your future, is planted. But deciding is when you actually take the steps necessary.
There is a huge gap between wanting and deciding though. It’s not a one step process.
Even if you’ve already written a story or two, you haven’t necessarily crossed that gap. So how do you know if you have?
When you’ve stepped INTO your fear.
Yep, you heard me. Fear. The one thing that holds us back. Wanting to be a writer does ‘diddly squat’ for you until you decide to become one. You BECOME a writer by learning your craft. By realizing that your dream is so important to you that you will do ANYTHING it takes to succeed. Take courses, ask questions, read books, read blogs, improve your writing, understanding the lingo. KNOWING your craft. You embrace your fear by sending out what you’ve written. Hopefully to beta readers first before you query an agent. You accept that you have a lot to learn and your desire to learn it, to become a better writer overcomes whatever fear you have.
Before you and step into your fear though, you need to ask yourself 3 questions.
What do YOU want?
Why do YOU want it?
How important is it to YOU?
The moment you ask yourself those questions and attempt to honestly answer them – that is your DECISIVE MOMENT.
Have you had that decisive moment in your life? Can you remember when it happened?
I do. And it was a kick in the pants, but it was worth it.