What do you look for in a book cover? What draws you in?
Depending on the genre, I love simplistic covers with a bold picture. Possession by Elana is a prime example of this. But I also find myself drawn to dark, mysterious and enticing covers like 7 Day Loan by Tiffany Reisz when it comes to romance.
A cover sells a novel at first glance. We all know the importance of this. It’s drilled into us by agents, editors and all over twitter. Especially if you are planning on self pubbing yourself – pay the extra to have someone design your cover. It’s important. It’s crucial. You’ll sell more.
I received a mock cover today for my novella coming out. I’ve been so excited to receive this cover, I couldn’t wait to see what the artist would come up with. When I saw it this morning – my first thought – OMG! For a steamy romance, it draws you in. There’s an enticing appeal to it. And that’s what you want your cover to do. You want it to entice readers to buy. The artist who worked on my cover did an amazing job 🙂
So here’s a question  – does it matter to you as a reader if the cover accurately portrays the novel or do you find that once you get lost in the story, the cover doesn’t matter as much? Do you remember the book by the cover or the story itself? Have you ever found yourself disappointed with a cover but in love with the story or in love with the cover but disappointed by the story?