>I normally focus on two things here. Writing and chocolate. I’d like to introduce another passion to focus on.


I’m finding this genre addicting. In life and in my books. Is that so wrong? I think not 😉 I have a life filled with passion and it’s a life I never want to lose. I’m in love with a man who swept me off my feet almost 15 yrs ago and never let go even when the road was filled with boulders instead of pebbles.

Not only that, but I’ve found a genre that agrees with me. I agree with everyone’s thoughts on Friday. You CAN write in multiple genres. As an unpubbed author – why not? Write what you are passionate about. But when you do land an agent, then you have to be careful. You are building a brand – and that brand is as much a part of your first published piece as anything else. If your first novel is a YA Fantasy and you decide for your second novel to write a Contemporary mystery – you’re gonna have a hard time selling that novel. You’ve already built your core of readers with that first novel and they are going to expect another like it.

But…until you’ve sold your first novel, have fun. Play. Experiment and enjoy the writing experience.

So for the next little bit … will you come play with me? I’ll be hosting some special romance focused blog posts by some published authors in the next little bit. This genre is huge and fast selling – especially in the epub world right now.

I’m addicted to romance. Let me share my addiction with you. Will you join me?