This is a hard and exciting post for me. WARNING – up close and personal info below (and rambling)!

Discovering your genre is akin to discovering secrets about yourself. For me at least. I feel like it lets you open one of those secret doors the fill up the house of ‘me’. Except this secret door was even a secret for me! Go figure!

There are so many genres out there. YA, Women’s Fiction, Contemporary, Suspense, Horror, Romance. And then all the sub-genres that go with those. You have YA Romance, YA Thriller, Contemporary Steam-Punk, Paranormal Romance … the list can go on and on and on …

So many authors out there started out in one genre and literally ‘fell’ into another. And it worked for them. When we start our writing journey, there’s a passion inside of us for a certain genre. But as we grow as writers, as our talents expand – sometimes we can find ourselves ‘testing’ the waters.

I know I did. (GULP).

My first story that I ever wrote was an Inspy Romance. Cute, sweet, full of chocolate and tender hearted sighs. I won a contest and had my novel published. Amazing. It really was. But then I tried my hand at a Christian Suspense … only to realize it was should have been labeled as a Paranormal and the Inspy theme didn’t mesh. So I wrote a Women’s Fiction – and fell in love with my story. Agents have it now. But an editor mentioned it ‘might’ be in the wrong genre (again). Contemporary Fiction – huge difference. Hopefully I will find an agent who loves the story despite the genre and will have the wisdom I seem to lack (if there is an issue – don’t you hate this unsettled ground we seem to live in as unpubbed writers?)

But…while writing another Women’s Fiction and finding myself extremely frustrated, I decided to try my hand at a novella. Just something to get my mind off of my frustration but keep me writing. It took me a month to write the story, a month to send it out to two of my good friends/betas and then I decided to do the unthinkable … and I submitted.

Turns out – this novella was good enough. But here’s the scary part (for me at least). It’s in another genre!

So … it’s a Friday. I’m not going to continue with the up close and personal right now … but I would love to know your thoughts.

Are you happy in your genre? How did you know this was the right genre for you? Do you write in other genres? Have you even figured out what genre best fits your writing?