>I asked around Twitter for some advice for new writers. There is such a wealth of information on there – all you have to do is search for it.

 Sometimes as a new writer you think you are alone. That there is no end in sight. That’s not true. You are not alone. There is an end and when you write THE END there will be thousands of others who will celebrate with you – if you just give them the chance.

Here are some amazing writers who understand what you are going through. Click on their link and follow them. Ask them questions. Get involved in the discussion. Remember – you are not alone!

@alyslinn: I would say to find other writers, because you can learn a lot from them. Have them read your work, & get used to crits
@NicoleZoltack: Find wonderful and honest beta readers. Nothing is more important than having their invaluable feedback.
@authorViviAnna : Consider EVERY opportunity given to you, you never know what might come out of it
@jwwfantasywrite : BICHOK – Butt In Chair Hands On Keyboard.
@AnneMhairi: Dare to dream. Whether it’s the plot of your book or your own ambitions don’t be afraid to think big.
@SarahWoodbury: Write a second book.
@WriMuse: Keep writing what YOU want to write, no matter what other people think or say (including agents).
@AnyaWinter: Stay off Twitter when you’re writing. Procrastination comes in many forms.
@tusenordmalin: Listen to what others say, and follow every advice at least once before rejecting it.
@VickiEssex:How about simply KEEP WRITING. And maybe keep your cat out of it.
@ Cassandra_Carr: Publishing is a business – a very subjective business. Rejection is not personal.
@LiaKeyes:Take your time. Make it the best it can be.
@pagan_paul: Write everyday, in the genre you feel most comfortable with. 2 lines, 2 pages, all is fine. Just write. Enjoy it.
@stupidgirl45: Just get the words out, edit later (bit like #nanowrimo) oh, and also, be kind to yourself!!

What about you … any words of advice you want to share?