>Once upon a time, to proclaim you were “Self Published” was literally labeling yourself as the black sheep within the industry herd.

Not so much anymore.

If you frequent Twitter and read the blogs, you’ll have heard about the explosion within self publishing. Or indie-publishing. What are your thoughts?

Amanda Hawking, the once poster child for self-pub took a brilliant contract. I know many of us were envious. Jealous even. Alot of people questioned her motives. Why would someone so successful as a self-pub go this route? She was quite honest in her blog about it. Being self pubbed puts the onus on YOU – the author – for EVERTHING. She was tired. Wanted to focus on writing and writing alone.

Yet, there are others, who have been traditionally published who are now saying they will only go the self pubbed route. Like Barry Eisler who turned down $500,000 to self publish his book instead.  And for you YA lovers – have you heard about Sarra Cannon? According to her website she has sold over 12,000 books by the end of March – and if I read her website correctly, she started in October 2010. OMG.

It makes you think. Scratch your head. Eat loads of chocolate while you ponder where you should go with your writing future. I know I am. I think it all depends on what your goals are and how you decide to achieve them.

Let’s discuss. I would LOVE to know your thoughts on this. Have you thought about it? Are you tempted as an unpubbed author to go this route?  Perhaps, if you are interested, this is something we can discuss together – what it means to self-publish, what it takes and if its really worth it.