>Fabulous ElanaJ is getting geared up for her POSSESSIONS release date.

Get ready, cause it’s a book you won’t want to put down!

She has a fun TAG game going on right now – you should check it out on her blog. She even gives away some tidbits to the story … just enough to reel you in ….

Cause I love this girl, believe in her and simple because she loves chocolate covered bacon – let’s play our own TAG game to get the word out … let’s create the buzz to get her on the NYT list!

In Possessions – ElenaJ’s book that’s coming out – being TAGGED isn’t a good thing. Like d’uh. Who wants to be tagged anyways? I hated playing the game TAG because of that … it was much more fun to hide and see who could outlast …

To me, being tagged means you lose your individuality, your uniqueness … your YOU. If you were tagged … what is that ONE thing about you that you wouldn’t want to lose? That one quirk that makes YOU unique.

Me? My love for chocolate. Dang it all – without it, I’m a blah person. My love for chocolate is like a brand for me – it’s who I am. Take away my chocolate and this Steena Chick just becomes a Steena Girl. Not fun.

SO … TAG … you’re it. If you are reading this blog – tell me … What is that one quirk that you could NEVER give up? Leave a comment below … post it on your blog … link to twitter … let’s play TAG and see how far this can go! Get the buzz out 🙂

Tag You’re It Contest