Every step that brings you closer to having your dream fulfilled is important.
No matter how insignificant you may think it is, celebrate it. Give yourself permission to gloat for an hour or two. Pat yourself on the back. Eat some ice cream or buy a new pair of shoes. Whatever you do that makes it special for you – DO IT!
I submitted a little piece to the Oh Canada! edition of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series that comes out in November. This isn’t the first time I’ve sent them something, but it is the first time I get an email back asking me to sign some forms 🙂  Only 5% of those who submit to any of their editions make it through to the final round. 5%.
I think that calls for a small celebration, don’t you?
I won’t know until October if my piece actually makes it into the book, BUT … (here’s the good part) the majority of their submissions that make it this far do. YIPPEEE!
It’s a small accomplishment, but its still a step towards my goal of publication. Every single step matters. EVERY STEP.
Don’t you think?
What can you celebrate about today? Did you get that partial or full request you’ve been wanting? Sign with an agent? Get your novel finished? First draft complete? Let’s celebrate together 😉