The light breeze kissed her skin before it twirled with her hair and little tendrils teased her eyes to open. Something like a smile flirted with her lips as she glanced about her. It was the perfect spring day. Tiny shoots of tulips struggled to face the sun and the tender blades of grass danced to a whispered song played by the wind.
Sophia sighed as she leaned back in the wicker chair. Life couldn’t be any sweeter. A tiny foot kicked at her hand and she rubbed her rounded belly. “Soon little one,” she whispered. Soon she would be able to share her beautiful world with her child. It had been such a difficult pregnancy and Sophia was ready to begin life again. Bed rest sounded like heaven until one actually experienced it.

The screen door squeezed open beside her. Sophia glanced over her shoulder and a tiny flutter of excitement nestled in her heart.

“Hello gorgeous.”

Sophia breathed deeply as the striking specimen of a man walked through the door and knelt before her. Sophia’s skin sizzled at his nearness and her heart skipped a beat as she glanced down at what he held in his hands.

Chocolate cream puffs stuffed with strawberries and cream.

She was in heaven.

So am I!
OMG – don’t they look delicious! If you want the recipe, follow the link. I think I’ll be making these sweet treats this week!

And thank you to a fellow writer who wishes to remain anonymous for the cute little story.