>I feel like a kid in a chocolate shop! It’s National Chocolate Week!

And to celebrate – I need your help! From one chocoholic to another …
I have a delicious treat any chocoholic would enjoy, but to get it I need for YOU to write ME a short story about chocolate (max 250 words). It can be anything – as long as there is chocolate involved. You can email me your delicious, mouth watering stories or post them in the comments section.

I may post some of these on the blog – so if you are shy about having your work posted – please let me know and I will refrain from sharing your delicious morsel with everyone.

But that’s not all! Every day I will be posting a little tidbit about chocolate, a chocolate recipe and will even throw in a story or two of my own 😉

If you have a chocolate recipe you’d like to share – I would love to post it! Feel free to email me at steenah(@)telus(.)net . And if you have a photo … even better!

Come, let’s take a journey together. Let’s indulge in our favorite passion as a group 😉