>I know – go figure – something Steena doesn’t know about chocolate! That’s like Einstein not realizing he knew how to create electricity or Angela Knight not knowing how to write romance. AS IF!

But it’s true. I have been ‘researching’ chocolate and ran across some interesting tidbits of information.

Such as ….

  • Those gory scenes in Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’, was all chocoalte syrup! Although the scene finishes in about 45 seconds, it took 7 days to get that shot done perfectly! Now that’s a sticky plot!
  • Some chocolates may cost you but did you know that Cacao or chocolates beans were used as currency by Aztec and Maya tribes? If we had that today we would be eating out of our wallets! (I’d need a rich man to support my wallet passion, let me tell you!)
  • We’ve heard of rice and pasta, but chocolate as a staple? Yes, ask the South Mexico Olmec tribe back in 1000 B.C. They ate chocolate all the time! Strange, but true! (Can we say, I LOVE this tribe!)
  • Heard of Mexican Emperor Montezuma? He drank liquid chocolate before getting busy in his harem. Since chocolate make you feel good, it is considered an aphrodisiac.(I so need to write a story about this!!!)
  • So who thought of solidifying chocolate? Thank Mexican nuns from the 1700’s as they created and exported the first chocolate product as a fund raiser for their convent. (You GO Nuns! Who said only men had the bright ideas?)
  • Talk about sweet ceremonies! The Maya drank liquid chocolate during weddings, engagements, baptisms and even funerals! Whoever thought there was something ceremonial about chocolate! (okay, well, I already KNEW chocolate was important)
     Forget about February – we are talking about Easter! All the goodies are out on display and I’m in chocolate glory. It helps that my current story is about a chocolate diva … can we say research?  LOL
    Okay – your turn. Do you know any tidbits about chocolate you want to share?