>Writing a character isn’t easy.
In fact, it’s hard. We use character interview sheets, take characterization courses and read loads of books and blog posts about crafting the perfect character.
We spend hours on our characters.
All for what?
To rewrite them 😉

Has that ever happened to you? The character you start out with grows, evolves into someone you barely recognize?
Or perhaps your character needs to be stronger/weaker? Maybe that character doesn’t even exist anymore in your story.

Frustrating right?
Trust me when I say my chocolate stash will soon be empty as I go through this very process. I’ve known for awhile my character had issues. She’s a stronger woman than I give her credit for. And as I start to rewrite – I am slowly realizing my shortcoming as the writer. I’m actually rewriting my opening chapter. Where before she was a weak woman who cried ‘woe is me’ all the time, she’s now a strong woman with a backbone of steel. The only weakness is when her bedroom door is closed and the shower water drowns out her cries.

Yep. Rewriting sucks, but is rewarding.

I’ve learned my lesson. I knew way back when this might be a problem. A few of my betas mentioned it to me, but I ignored them. I had my reasoning for her weakness. Apparently my reasoning was wrong. Go figure!

Anyone wanna make bets on how much weight I gain after this re-write???  LOL