I’ve entered the Just Kiss Already Blogfest over at Stina’s blog – Seeing Creative (see’s in this with Christina Lee – Write Brained – you want to be following her blog too).

Here is my excerpt. Fair warning – this is intended for adults. No sex is involved but you know it’s coming. 

Now … my kissing scene from The Master (a short story I wrote):
Anderson stepped closer. When he reached out his hand and touched her fingers, a fire spread throughout her nerves. 
“It was important to me that you succeed.”
Madison traced Anderson’s mouth with her gaze. She swallowed as he licked his lips, then inhaled as his face inched closer to hers.
“Why?” The word rushed out.
“Because I realized I loved you.” His warm breath covered her lips before he claimed them for her own. His mouth was soft and inviting. A hot fire gathered between her legs as she melted beneath him. His lips teased her, tasted her and drank her in.
She grabbed his shoulders for support as her knees gave way. Anderson fisted his hand in her hair and angled her head before his tongue thrust its way into her mouth. Madison moaned. Her whole body throbbed as he stroked her with his tongue. She ground her body against his, her nipples taunt with desire and realized she detested the clothes that came between them. His erection bulged against his pants and pushed against her. She ran her hands across his hard chest and memorized with her fingers the rigid plane of muscles that crisscrossed his body.