>I hate saying goodbye. I really do. I get all teary-eyed, my nose glows beat red and there’s a frog that lodges in my throat at just the thought of the word.

But sometimes it’s necessary. As hard as it may be, sometimes … just sometimes … it’s what we need to do.

The funny thing about goodbye, something I tend to forget … it’s not forever.

I realized this weekend that I needed to do the dirty deed. Say goodbye to a novel idea I’ve had for awhile. I started it, oh … what, maybe 6 months ago … and I’m still at only 10K words. I LOVE the idea. But I’m fighting with the story. Too much. I write, delete, write again and then delete again. There’s more to this story and I’m not getting it down.

This is one of those goodbye’s that doesn’t mean forever … just for a bit. For a time. When I’m ready, when it’s ready …

I know it’s time because I’ll start new short stories instead of working on this one. I’ll even finish these short stories and then start another one before I give myself the chance to go back to this one. Not a good thing.

Not good when I’ve fallen in love with another story idea, with another set of characters.

I’m sure I’ll reopen these files and see the potential. I’m sure I’ll fall in love and find those words and NOT struggle like I have been.

But until then, I’ll head into a new direction. Just like life. Sometimes we end up taking roads we never thought we would. It helps when you have friends along the way to hold your hand, feed you chocolate and even give you a good kick in the … lol