>I said it. The other dreaded word writers hate to hear. Pitch. As in, pitch to an agent, pitch to an editor … you know, the important stuff so you can land a book contract.

We spend countless hours learning how to write a fantastic query and then spend more hours on the dreaded synopsis, but when it comes to pitching, let’s face it, we wait until we’ve signed up for those pitch sessions at a conference, don’t we.

Here’s a thought – why wait?

I found a place called “Pitch University” – its fantastic. Here’s a list of the months topics (wait – did you think I was going to tell you how to pitch?  Not likely, I need to learn first too 😉

Go on, check it out. Yes, it’s ONE MORE THING to add to the ever growing list of things we need to know in order to land that book deal, but if we are serious about that book deal, then it might be worth just checking out!

Let me know what you think of it. Do you like the site? Did you check out what they have to offer?  What are your thoughts on pitching?

Lessons -Pitching 101
These basic lessons will give you the skills to create your pitch.