I don’t know about you, but when you are trenched in the bunker called “Query Life”, it’s nice to know you are not alone.

And by alone, I don’t mean just knowing there are thousands, if not millions, of other writers out there who are vying for that agent you just queried.

I mean, having a partner, a good friend, a beta reader, who knows and understands what you are going though – not just because she’s been there, done that and either has the signed contract to say she climbed out of the muddy trenches and claimed her victory or gave up, dug a hole deeper into the dark pit and waved her white flag with trembling hands.

I mean, there, in the midst, risking everything just to take a peak over the safety zone and research agents, send out queries and is now sitting in that filthy, god-awful trench sharing a box of chocolates with you while you not only wait but gain weight from all the dang baking, drinking wine and any other type of comfort food you can imagine.

There to share the victories of those partial and full requests and to share recipes for a new chocolate brownie or cheesecake when the rejections come, not only once but sometimes three times (yes, I did say three times) from an agent you ONLY QUERIED ONCE!  (yes, I did yell that. It’s hard enough getting one measly rejection letter from an agent you spent half a day researching, personalizing your query and then proof reading that dang email a millions times over before you hit send – but to get three rejections from that one query … I believe I ate a box of chocolates that day).


There’s nothing better than having a query partner! Well … there is … if ‘said’ partner would hurry up and start querying! (LOL)

(cause we all know that I can not afford to be eating these chocolates, baking these cream puffs and drooling over cheesecake recipes alone)