>I love the freshness of a new year! There’s nothing like knowing you have a year ahead of you to do everything possible to make your dreams come true. A year to do those extra pushups so my arms don’t look as fat in my gorgeous dress, a year to work on my eating habits to lose some weight, a year to come up with fresh new ideas and write them down, a year to find an agent and a year to read more books 😉

I’ve already finished one. Read it in a day. Room. Have you read it? Told in the POV of a five year old boy. LOVED it. Awesome first book of the year!

Have you joined  me yet in the challenges? I have two going – a debut author challenge (just to read debut authors) and then a reading challenge (push yourself to read this year more than you did last year).  The links are on my side blog. If you haven’t joined me yet, you should 😉