>I don’t know about you, but ever where I turn I am seeing posts about editing. How to edit. What to edit. Why you should edit. Don’t edit – just write. I’m stuck in an editing phase which is hurting my writing right now (let’s just say I just deleted 10K words last night because I didn’t like where the story was heading) so I need to take that last post I just read (Don’t edit – just write) and follow it. 

But … with so many awesome articles out there right now – when it is time to edit, I don’t want to forget them. So to my mine (and your) life easier – here is a listing of a few of the fantastic editing posts that I found to be helpful.

Taking Out The Trash – okay, seriously, this post is awesome. 

One Pass Manuscript Revision – this is going to be my bible on revising 

Bookshelf Muse – if you don’t know about this blog yet you need to pour over these pages.

Writing the Perfect Scene – this just made me realize I’m doing it all wrong and thus I deleted 10K words last night. 

Plot Whisperer 

Block Bluster Plots
Cheryl Klein 
K.M. Weiland – 7 awesome tips you can’t miss!

**If you have any to add – place them in the comments and I’ll include them**