Don’t you love how awesome our writing community!  This logline blogfest is going to be awesome. And the bonus – we are all going to walk away with some excellent loglines to enter Miss Snarks First Victim’s December contest!  I’ve been enjoying reading the loglines and can’t wait to read all the new ones entered today. What about you? Have you been reading and helping?

Please try to visit and comment on as many blogs as you can. The more you do, the better the response will be on your entry.  If you make any changes to your logline based on the comments – make sure you post a ‘newer’ version as well (so I don’t grab your old one).

Don’t forget about the price!!! I will take the top 10 out of this blogfest and post them here on November 6th. Then a guest judge will choose from those 10 the winner. The judge?  Michelle McLean!  (I’m a tad bit excited about this!!!) The prize? Michelle will critique of either a query or the first 5-10 pages of a manuscript – what a fantastic opportunity!