>I doubt it would come as a surprise to find out I love chocolate. Like seriously. Um hello … those shoes on the top of my blog – you don’t wear those – you eat them 😉

So you can imagine my excitement when I read that Sara B. Larson is giving away chocolate for her follower contest! Like seriously – not only do I like this girl … and enjoy reading her blog … and love that she always comments on my posts … but now she’s giving away chocolate!  And not just your ‘run of the mill’ chocolate either – oh no. This girl saved the BIG GUNS for her 200 follower contest!  Chocolate from Sweden! UM HELLLOOOOO … have you ever treated yourself to GOOD chocolate?  If not, then I’m sad for you. Really sad. This stuff is awesome!

So .. in the spirit of yesterday being National Chocolate Day – I thought I would let you know about her contest – since it involves chocolate (have I mentioned that I like this girl?  LOL)