>In the spirit of getting our loglines ready for Miss Snark First Victim awesome contest and our blogfest, I thought we could focus on loglines or hooks for the next few posts.

As writers, we all know having that hook is essential to having our novel read – whether by an agent or a reader. Some say your hook needs to be only one sentence. But, in spirit of Miss Snarks contest – we’re going to say two sentences. (I know, you can breathe a tad bit easier now, huh?).

Those two sentences need to convey the ‘gist’ of your story. Sounds easy, right? Yeah, not so much – unless you happen to love creating loglines for the fun of it.

Bryan, at Time Guardian said it this way: “think of it this way: if working on your query is a necessary evil, then you can consider fashioning your logline to be a high-pressure condensed form of that hell.”

I won’t lie to you – creating the perfect logline isn’t fun. It’s exasperating for sure. Chocolate consumption is a must. But it’s worth it. The next time an agent, or fellow writer (or even your own mother) asks you what your story is about – you’ll have an answer!  Sweet! I know it’s been a lifesaver for me at work when I’m asked “so what are you writing about?”

My goal is to track down some great logline/hook advice for you this week. QueryTracker has an excellent article on writing loglines (and by our very own judge too!!) . While you’re working on yours, I strongly suggest you check out their advice!  But before you do … make sure you enter our blogfest first 🙂