>I read some blogs that clicked with me, and I wanted to share them. As writers, it seems like we’re always in stages. These stages tend to correspond with what section of our writing we are in. What interests us when we are working on a new novel doesn’t fizz us when we are in the midst of editing or even querying.
Well, I’m in the new novel stage. These posts were exactly what I needed to read – and I hope they say something to you too 😉

  • How well do you know your female character? Thanks to the GateKeeper, I found this flow chart to help us figure out who exactly is our female character what what her stereotype is.
  • But let’s not forget those male characters too! I found this link to help us understand our men better (only the ones we write about – the real ones don’t count here).
  • This ROCKED my sock! Literally. It made me rethink how I write. It’s not just about sitting at our desk and writing what comes to mind. The Novel Notebook!  Don’t just use this for Nanamo – use it for all your books. Such a great tool. And the Paperback Writer provides so many fantastic links as well for things you can download on your computer too. And seriously, she’s published 46 novels in 5 genres – so she has to know what she’s talking about 🙂
  • I’m starting a new novel (we’re either writing, editing, critiquing and then writing again, right? It’s an endless circle). I’m past my first page, but I know me. I tend to rewrite that first page 3-5 times during the course of the novel. I’ll rewrite it while in the middle of the book, I’ll rewrite it after I’ve written the end of my story and then thanks to my awesome beta’s – I’ll rewrite it again. And again. I’m never happy with my opening paragraph. I wonder if anyone really is?  But this post made me realize AGAIN just how important that opening hook is.