Dreams. They can be wonderful things. If handled properly. 
Sounds odd, doesn’t it. But if you think about it, really think about it – it makes sense. Dreams are powerful. No, I’m not talking about those wacky dreams that shatter the moment you are awake. I’m talking about those dreams you hold close to your heart. The ones you aspire to, work towards and are determined to see happen. The ones that are secret desires, fragile and surreal.
But … if that dream is ALL you think about, if your whole focus is on fulfilling that dream and nothing else – then it becomes toxic. To you. To your friends. To your family. And yes, to your dream. You’re life is out of balance when the only thing that matters to you is your dream. You are so single focused that you forget to see everything around you, to experience life as it happens and take in the moment. You lose out. 
I’ve noticed that I have this problem. My dream becomes my sole focus – it’s all I can see, it’s all I can taste, it’s all I want to focus on. I forget that I have a life OUTSIDE of my dream. I get frustrated – with myself, with others around me and with God.  
It’s a lesson I seem to repeatedly fail. I must – because I keep having to retake this test. You all know my dream – it’s the same one I share with many of you. To have an agent. To be published. To write full time. To be happy. To know that I am worthwhile. But when I focus on this dream and only this dream – that happiness that I feel when my life is balanced and complete – it’s gone. POOF. And I hate it. Hate it. 
We all talk about balance – the fine line that writers must walk when it comes to doing what we are passionate about and living life – with our family, children, friends and work. Sometimes we can’t see that line. Sometimes we’re walking blind. But atleast we are still walking. 
The point? Don’t give up on your dream, but don’t allow it to consume you either. Find a way to entwine it into your life so that it becomes a natural flow – not something you have to fight to keep.