>Please, oh please, tell me how to write a bio before I drown myself in melted chocolate!

I need to write a bio. Weeks ago over at Shooting Stars the same question was asked. This is what I came up with – quirky. But now that I actually have to submit one (no I don’t have an agent yet, this was a prerequisite once I queried), quirky won’t work. I think.

Steena, a fervent lover of anything chocolate, strives to raise her three daughters to hold the same values. But, she doesn’t share. Ever. When it comes to chocolate. Steena spends her days, when she’s not trying to hide her secret stash of chocolate from her daughters, searching for chocolate recipes that she can use in her novels and in real life. Her husband and dog often wish she would spend more time with them, but Steena often finds herself torn between her two main passions – writing and chocolate. Keep your eye out for a brand new chocolate cookbook featuring Steena’s favorite characters and books. Out in stores in the near distant future … 

So, in all seriousness – what goes into a bio? Do you go serious or add a touch of humor? Do I mention I have 3 girls that drive me to eat more chocolate or do I just say I’m a mother of three sweethearts 😉