There have been so many blog posts lately about inspiration, creative designs and dreams (querytracker blog was fantastic). How one finds the ideas of a new storyline is always a hot topic (for me at least).
You hear about it. Someone is in the shower and suddenly BAM!, an idea hits them. Or they are sitting in a park watching the family dynamic occur around them and suddenly they know. THEY KNOW the story they want to write.
We all know, as writers, that when we’re done with one story, the next best thing is to start another. My current novel is out on partials and fulls – and I only started the query process, so I’m hoping that is good news. But … my fingers are bereft from touching the keyboard. That gentle tap tap tap sound I love to hear is silent. I should probably take some time and focus on my family – but I’m feeling antsy. And an antsy Steena is never a good thing. Cause then I bake. And when I bake, I eat. And when I eat, I gain weight … you know the drill.
But … what happens when you have a story idea and the story doesn’t like you? What if it fights with you? Serious – a fist fight, hair pulling, name calling type of fight. What then?

Who wins? You – the creative genius who actually writes the story? Or the characters and plot line who make the story real?
You know, when I read posts about writers fighting with their characters, I thought it all balarny. Really, I did. I mean, come on … but as I sit here today trying to write down the basic ideas of a storyline, I get it. I mean … I GET IT!

I even tried to bribe the ideas in my head with chocolate. Didn’t work. So I tried the cheesecake I made last night (and yes, that 7 minute cheesecake is absolutely freakin’ fantastic!!!) but that still didn’t work.

So I’m left with a storyline I don’t like and a storyline that won’t work. Now what?

Hmm … I have no idea … other than I have two choices to make.

Chocolate or Cheesecake?