>Last December I entered a book challenge. I love to read and didn’t think it would be too difficult. I forgot to remind myself that I rarely read as voraciously when I’m writing then I do when I’m not.

But … that being said … I have about 20 books left until I reach my goal. Not too shabby πŸ™‚  I’ll admit – these last 25 books that will get me to my goal are easy ones – meaning, I can read them and not have to think too much about them. Books I can take in the bath, read during lunch, right before I go to bed and not have them fogging up my brain.

But … what about next year? I think I still want to do the challenge. Would anyone want to join me? I know for some the 100 books is a stretch – but remember – it’s a goal. There’s no prize at the end, other than knowing you did it. I’ve discovered authors I never knew about and made sure that atleast 20% of my books were debut. I think I’ll increase that next year. Actually – why not make it a new challenge? Hmmm….

What do you think?