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Sweet Return

Sweet Return

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Book three in the Love So Sweet Series! Same story as Return to Sender in the Invitation to Eden series—only with a new title, new cover & bonus material added!


Lauren Summers is the stable sister, the one who runs the family company while her sisters take off and travel the world. One weekend a year she hides herself away and mourns a love she lost six years ago. That weekend is now, except she’s being whisked away to a mysterious island despite her protests. After being pampered with luxury, massages and the best chocolate a girl could taste, she starts to realize that its time she left the past behind and moved forward with life, and maybe with love. What she doesn’t know, is that someone from her past has other ideas….

This sweet romance novella is full of love, laughter, soul mates, and chocolate. If you read Sweet Memories or Sweet Dreams from the Love So Sweet Series, you will recognize characters in this story.

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