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Stillwater Tides

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Fans of Jodi Picoult and Kristin Hannah will fall in love with this novella set in the town of Stillwater Bay, a continuation of Steena Holmes’ heart-touching series of the devastating aftermath of a small town school shooting.


What kind of life can you live when you know you should be dead? What happens when all your dreams fall apart and it’s a struggle just to get through each day?

Grace Bryar is only alive because she called in sick to work and convinced her best friend to go in her place. She was alive when her friend was dead. That kind of guilt doesn’t go away and in fact, it holds the power to destroy lives.

Camille Bloomin struggles to give her sister time to grieve while keeping their business afloat. Every day she wonders if today is the final straw for Paige and if she’ll walk away – leaving Camille alone. Ever since their parents death, Camille’s focus has been on the family business and her sister – she’s not sure how to change, especially now.

Rocked by the tragedy in their small town, both women discovers that amidst the pain of living with loss, dreams still can come true.

Dreams of Stillwater focuses on members of the small knit community as they learn to heal.
Included is an excerpt from Stillwater Deep – the next in the series.

Publication Date: March 2, 2016 

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