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Dear Jack

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“Being a military wife myself, I really identified with Dottie. Her letters were so real and I could feel her sorrow.”



Dear Jack… the journal of a woman unwilling to let go.

Dottie is a woman with a heart full of emotions but unable to express them unless through her journals. When Jack goes off to war, Dottie is left behind having to be strong for their young daughter, Mary.

While Jack is away, she keeps a journal full of letters for Jack, for him to read when he comes home. Except, word comes that Jack has gone missing and leaves Dottie to fend for herself. She keeps hope that her husband is alive and will be coming home, until Jack’s personal effects are returned to her by a member of Jack’s unit.

When Doug, her husband’s best friend, shares with her a letter Jack wrote for her in case he never came home her world falls apart and it’s all she can do to hold herself together for Mary.

Please note this novella is only 10,000 words long and is meant as a companion to Finding Emma, detailing the relationship between Dottie and Jack.

Bonus material included! Excerpt from Emma’s Secret!

Praise for Dear Jack

“Steena really likes to keep her readers in the loop, which for me is a big draw, but even more so her writing draws you in and makes you actually feel the characters personally… I feel even closer to knowing who Jack, Dottie and Doug are. The story about their distance as friends was touched on briefly in Finding Emma, but left a lot of ?’s which I think is wonderful for a reader as it kindles the desire for a follow up such as this. I really enjoyed this one and as with all of Steena’s titles that I have read it left me wanting more.” —Kelly Rawn

“I enjoyed reading this book. Once I started reading it was hard to put down.” —Readalot

“I really enjoyed this short read. It really transported me to the time of war when the letters were written. Being a military wife myself, I really identified with Dottie. Her letters were so real and I could feel her sorrow.” —Jmag

“I just loved this story. I could not image living like this woman, and writing to her husband while is he is away at war every day not knowing if he is alive of dead. But having a close friend to look after her is something. Raising a small child alone is hard to do and when the child asks, ‘when is daddy coming home?’ and there is no answer for her, you want to cry again and again. The ending to the story is a surprise to everyone—have a box of tissue ready when you read this book.” —Cynderella7499

“This story was so good I could not put it down. The love Dottie felt for Jack, my heart had this feeling of love and respect, and I felt the love Dottie carried with her till the end, and even in the end she was not willing to give up her love for Jack. It’s a love story, and Dottie is such a strong and loving and caring person, and the love she had for others was so strong. I can not express in words this story surely struck cords in heart, and the feeling it gave me in the end was pure happiness and the end when her Jack comes home all I can say is awesome. Steena Holmes, thank you for writing this novella; it helped to understand the story of Jack and Dottie. Loved it!” —Carlene

“War is such an unfair part of life. It affects so many people in so many ways. I feel the book did portray a lot of lives and the outcome war has on those lives. You can’t blame Dottie for her feelings at the end. Happiness for some, but a heartache for another. It was a short read, and I noticed others making comments about wanting something more, but actually this book is an account of a diary. I would think that the ending of that happened, there would be no more writing in this diary. There could be another diary started…” —Michele (Shelly) Larson

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