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Steena Reads: Joanne Furniss

What better way to celebrate September 1st than with Jo Furniss - who is also celebrating her amazing debut book release today! I'm extra excited to share this book with you and I can't wait to read it! I've only heard amazing things about this book and she's also hit...

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Steena Reads: Elisa Lorello

Elisa Lorello wasn’t always a novelist, but she’s been a writer and teacher all her life. A self-proclaimed “manifester of ideas,” she writes novels about relationships a la Nora Ephron, but with Aaron Sorkin-like dialogue. She also teaches the craft of storytelling,...

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The Memory Child is on Sale!

I love discovering when one of my books is on sale! I was doing a casual search on Amazon today and saw that The Memory Child is only $1.99 on Amazon.com (not sure the price for the other countries). When readers ask me what my favorite book to write was/is...I...

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Steena Reads: Kerry Lonsdale

I'm very excited to introduce you to an author that is one of my favorites. I'm sure you've read one of her books but if you haven't, Kerry lights up the charts when she has a new release. I met her last year in Chicago and she's amazing. I can't wait to dip into this...

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Steena Reads: Christine Nolfi

Considering we are all #bookaholics - I thought it might be nice, not to just share what I'm reading - but give you a little intro to the authors I read and know. The first author I can't wait to introduce to you (although, I'm sure many of you are familiar with her...

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Are you an Amazon Prime Member?

Calling all Amazon Prime Members! “Saving Abby tells the story of how a community of family and friends help her come to terms with a tragic diagnosis with bravery and love.” —Toronto Star If you're part of the Amazon Prime Reading program, I'm so excited to let you...

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Deleted Scene from Abby’s Journey

We all love deleted scenes right? Whether it's from movies, tv shows or books. Here's a scene that didn't make Abby's Journey but one I really enjoyed writing. Please note...this has not been completed edited so if you see mistakes, that would be why. Many of you have...

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February Book Deals!

If you're looking for a new book to start reading, I've got a few on sale this month! To start...there's Abby's Journey which comes out February 14th (Valentine's Day). The Memory...

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Steena Reads: Mischling

Affinity Konar wrote a beautiful story haunted by history with insight that destroyed my heart as a mother.  Mischling by Affinity Konar, is a story that will linger in your heart, your thoughts and dreams and leave you with a desire that history is never to be...

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