(total tongue-in-cheek title)

You know that feeling when you’ve been waiting for ever for something you’ve been longing for, dreaming about, wishing for is almost within your reach? You know that bubble of excitement that gets you all giddy and keeps that perpetual smile on your face?

Yep. That’s me.

Let me tell you why!  In two weeks I’m taking my family to Disneyland. WOO HOO! It’s something I’ve always wished to do – I think every little kid has, and my three daughters have been praying (yes, literally praying at every meal) for God to give us enough money for a trip to Disneyland. Well…now their wishes and prayers over the past three years (image listening to that over and over and over…) is coming true 🙂 I’m so excited – I’m like a kid in a candy shop! I keep researching online, looking at pictures … and want to know what I see ALL THE TIME? THIS (click to see…and tell me you don’t want to bite into that!).

There’s another reason for this feeling. If you signed up for my newsletter – you already know why.

I have an excerpt for Emma’s Secret out! But it’s only in a small novella that I wrote.
Dear Jack…a Finding Emma novella and it’s on sale for $0.99 for TODAY! So get it while you can before the price goes to $2.99 starting tomorrow. So many people have asked me to tell the stories between Dottie+Jack+Doug … and this novella, full of letters to Jack while he was away at war, does just that. Plus … it has that ‘what you’ve been waiting for’ excerpt for Emma’s Secret! Can I hear a woot woot!

I also want to give a quick shout-out to the awesome August McLaughlin…she has a new book that is out on Goodreads and the cover is just this side of awesomeness 🙂 LOL. But … today she’s talking about what makes a great cover…so if you are thinking or have self-published and the thought of getting your cover made makes you squeamish … she takes that all away in her post 🙂