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15 Top Social Media Tips for Authors

Social media can seem so overwhelming to authors today. How do they use it? What do they say? What don’t you use it for? I’m thrilled to share my top 15 tips for authors when it comes to using social media with Booksparks and their new online magazine! Check it out here for the whole article and to read more of their tips. Tips for Social Media 1. Your readers …Read More

5 Steps To Following Your Dreams

Pretend your rubbing a magical lamp and out pops a genie.  He tells you you have one wish and with that one wish you have the power to live your dreams. What would you wish for? If there was one thing you could do today to live your dreams – what would it be? I asked this of myself five years ago. It’s safe to say that I hated where …Read More

Success Tips From One Author to Another

In a few days I will be taking part in IndieReCon.org – an online conference for indie authors. It’s a conference I’ve enjoyed being part of for the past few years and if you are an author (not just indie but traditional, hybrid, wanna be…) then you should check out the conference – it’s free and full of amazing information. Joanna Penn recently asked a group of us sitting on …Read More

Being Destroyed By My Writing

January 19th I had the pleasure of guest posting on Writers In the Storm and since this subject keeps coming up, I thought I’d share it here as well. My house is quiet and I’m nursing a hot cup of coffee (my third actually) while staring at the screen and wondering what else I have left in me to write today. I don’t think there’s much. You see, last night I …Read More

Do We Still Need Pen Names?

Back in 2011 I blogged about What’s In A Pen Name and I find I’m still getting responses to it (some I don’t publish because, well…I don’t need arguments or derogatory comments to be listed here). At lot has changed since 2011 in the realm of publishing. So much that if you’re still reading blog posts dating back to 2011, you should realize that they are old and outdated. The publishing …Read More

When Do Writers Need To Escape?

Every once in a while it’s important as a writer to run away. To escape. To go somewhere by themselves without any distractions. Why? To finish a novel that is due any day. I know of several author friends who have done this and I used to be envious. I used to think it would be wonderful and amazing to just get away, to escape from all of the demands …Read More

Why Authors Should Partner with Charities

Authors have the gift to evoke an emotional response through words. Charities have the ability to help promote and see change. Why not join together? While I was writing Finding Emma, my heart continually broke for families who were going through the nightmare of having a child stolen from them. I was thankful that I could hug my children every night but I knew, beyond just writing a story, I …Read More

Words: They Can Make or Break Your Credibility

In the heat of the moment, it’s really hard to remember that it’s so important to watch the things we say. As authors, it’s something we really need to be aware of, no matter what the situation is. Yes, it’s okay to get upset about an issue and want to use your platform to get the message out, but before you do so…maybe take the time to really think about …Read More

Are You An Author Stalker? You Should Be

Last year at the Digital Minds Conference in London, I mentioned I’m an author stalker. I always have been and always will be. As an indie author, I think it’s one of the most vital things I did at the beginning of my career and no matter where I am on my journey, I doubt this will ever change. What do I mean by being an author stalker? I take …Read More

Is it okay to doubt your writing?

I’m in a strange place right now with my writing. Strange because I have 2 bestselling books that do amazingly well when it comes to sales and rankings, I have another that is just about to be released and I just signed a contract for another book. So really, I should be in a good place, a happy place, a place full of self confidence and knowledge, right? Wrong. I …Read More