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April’s Reading List – with a free read!

I am VERY excited to be part of a new series that is starting this month! Each month I ‘ll be showcasing up to 3 books within the Invitation To Eden series. I will warn you – some are on the steamy side…but read the descriptions and don’ t be afraid to give a new author a try. You ‘ll also find me giving away free books from this series each month so stay tuned!

And that first free book comes NOW! I hope you’ ll enjoy your introduction to Eden… (warning…there are some steamy parts…)

What else is on my shelf for this month? Since I ‘m traveling to Paris, London and then to Charleston, SC this month, I’ ll have

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Rainbow Birthday Cake

My daughter turns 15 today. One one hand I ‘m a little shocked that I have a daughter this old (which means I’ m getting older too) and yet on the other hand – how can she be this old already? How?
It ‘s a simple day in our home today. She gets to pick what she wants to do. First up was dinner with Dad at her favorite breakfast place. Then we’ re off to a pet store, her favorite restaurant for dinner and then home for cake and presents. I think she ‘ll be happy with her gifts this year (she’ s a teenager, of

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What’s The Secret To Indie Success? I Know.

On all the indie boards I ‘m on – whether it’ s through yahoo loops or FB groups, there ‘s one similar theme that keeps cropping up time and time again.

How do I become successful?
What do I need to do to get my books noticed?
How can I increase my sales? What did YOU do that I’ m NOT doing?

If you ‘re an indie author – you’ ve probably asked these questions. I know I have. I watch the big indie names and I wonder what did they do to sell millions of books in one year alone – from nothing

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Baa Baa Black Sheep?

You might have noticed a little black lamb in photos that I took while over in London and Paris if you liked my Facebook Author Page and keep up to date with my posts.

If you are part of my Secret Society, then you know that I love black sheep. I always have.

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