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October’s Reading List

With trying to get The Wedding Dare completed, I haven ‘t done much reading…other than staying up really late at night! Do you do that too? I promise myself I’ ll stop at the end of one chapter and then I start the next, and the next…until the book is done and it ‘s 3am in the morning! LOL

So…what am I reading that is keeping me up so late at night?

 and for the record – there are 11 books in the series now and I bought all of them at once :) They are my guilty pleasure right now!

Every month I ask my FB society group for their recommended reads. Here’ s what they are reading (or recently read and LOVED). I hope you’ll pick one or more up! Let me know

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Why Authors Should Partner with Charities

Authors have the gift to evoke an emotional response through words. Charities have the ability to help promote and see change. Why not join together?

While I was writing Finding Emma, my heart continually broke for families who were going through the nightmare of having a child stolen from them. I was thankful that

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Ordered Your Calendar and T-Shirt Yet?

Thanks to YOU we were able to donate $1800 towards ending school violence – how awesome was that! I will continue to donate proceeds from Before The Storm towards this cause…but I have a few more things we could do to help other children.

Buy a T-Shirt. Don ‘t you love it? The proceeds of this design will go towards child literacy programs…let’ s share our love of reading!

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